Eloy Water Tower

Eloy Water Tower Lighting

The Eloy Water Tower is currently down for repairs. We will not be accepting requests for water tower lighting until repairs are complete. The estimated time for repairs is unknown at this time. 

The City will provide updates as we receive them. Thank you for your patience during this process.  -- 09/15/2023

Aerial of Water Tower at sunset

Eloy hosted the Inaugural Lighting of the iconic Water Tower on December 30, 2020. The water tower will continue to light up in recognition of community initiatives and various holidays. 

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The Eloy Water Tower was constructed in 1945 and was in service for approximately 20 years before it was replaced with a new ground mounted water storage tank and booster station in the mid-1960s. For the past 50 years the water tank has been empty yet it has been an Eloy Icon for many years, and many people associate Eloy with this landmark.  

On October 26, 2020, the Eloy City Council awarded two contracts for improvements that would elevate the landmark. In phase I, PCL was awarded the contract to repair and paint the water tower.  The electrical equipment and installation of the lights was installed by Holiday Lighting during phase II. The water tower has over 2,100 LED lights.  

Over the months and years to come, the water tower will change colors based upon the time of year, a particular event, or celebration.  

Information on submitting a request for lighting the Eloy Water Tower to recognize a community impact initiative or create community awareness is included on the application form on this page.

Applications that wDone Editingill not be considered:

The City of Eloy will not consider lighting requests for advertisement or commercial promotions; for personal or any one individual’s celebration or memorial; or for groups that discriminate against age, disability, race, religion, gender or sexual orientation.

Eloy Water Tower's address is 226 N. Main Street, Eloy, AZ 85131.

Prior to submitting your request please make sure the dates you are requesting are not already taken. Thank you.

Water Tower Traditional Lighting Schedule

Date Observance Colors
1/15/2024 Martin Luther King Jr Red, Green & Gold
2/14/2024 Arizona Statehood Blue & Gold
3/17/2024 Saint Patrick's Day Green
3/31/2024 Easter Purple, Yellow & Blue
5/5/2024 Cinco de Mayo Green, White & Red
5/12/24-5/18/24 Police Week Blue
5/27/2024 Memorial Day Red, White & Blue
6/19/2024 Juneteenth Red, Green & Gold
7/3/24-7/5/24 Independence Day Red, White & Blue
9/2/2024 Labor Day Red, White & Blue
9/11/2024 Patriot Day Red, White & Blue
9/15/24-10/14/24 National Hispanic Heritage Month Green, White & Red
10/31/2024 Halloween Orange & Green
11/11/2024 Veterans Day Red, White & Blue
11/25/24-1/6/25 Holiday Season Multiple