Vice Mayor Sara Curtis

Portrait of Council Member Sara Curtis

Sara Curtis
Vice Mayor
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Phone: 520-759-0833

Term: 2020-2024

Sara Curtis was elected to the Eloy City Council in 2020.  Originally from Canada, Sara moved to Eloy 15 years ago upon her marriage to local resident and world-renowned skydiver Steve Curtis. 

Sara graduated with a Bachelor of Applied Arts in Fashion Marketing from Ryerson University in Toronto, Canada.  She supported herself through college as a lifeguard and swimming instructor.  

Sara started her professional career as a retail buyer for Canada’s Hudson Bay Company and worked for several retail chain stores.  In 2005, she followed her passion, moved to Arizona, and became a professional skydiver, competing and winning top medals at national and world competitions.  With her husband, she runs an Eloy-based company that trains military skydivers.  She also has a second Eloy-based company with another business partner that trains civilian skydivers for specialized skydiving world records.

In 2019 Sara became a co-owner of a third Eloy-based company called Firebird USA which manufactures parachute equipment and is located right on Main Street in Eloy. 

Sara is a member of the Screen Actor’s Guild and sometimes works as a professional stuntwoman for film and television.  She is a founding member of the all-women’s Highlight Skydiving demonstration team whose goal is to encourage women and girls to live bold, brave lives of their own design.

As a resident and business owner, Sara cares about Eloy and wants to see it thrive.  She is a supporter of a compassionate and effective military and law enforcement system.  Most importantly, Sara believes in equality of opportunity for all.  She is honored to be entrusted to help shape Eloy’s future as a City Council Member.