Please check this page for updates on current and upcoming road construction.

Street Improvement Projects

As part of the 2019-2020 CIP the following Street Improvement Projects will be completed by the end of June. Please note these dates are tentative.

Edge Mill and 1” Overlay w/new valley gutters (March 16th - April 14th)

Reconstruct Roadway (April 15th - May 19th)

  • Alsdorf Rd: Frontier St to Tryon Ave

Fog Seal (May 20th- June 5th)

  • Alsdorf Rd: Sunshine Blvd to I-10
  • Martin Luther King JR St: Eleven Mile Corner Rd to Main St

Chip Seal (May 20th - June 5th)

  • 10th St: Adams St to Washington St
  • 9th St: Adams St to Curiel St
  • Washington St: 10th St to 8th St
  • 5th St: Myers Blvd to Main St
  • 4th St: Myers Blvd to Stuart Blvd
  • 6th St: Myers Blvd to Main St
  • 6th St: Sunshine Blvd to D St
  • Alsdorf Rd: Tryon Ave to 400’ east of Comanche St
  • Tryon Ave: Alsdorf Rd to Frontier St
  • Toltec Rd: Frontier St to Maverick Dr
  • Toltec area- South of Shedd Rd: Frontier St to Estrella Rd

Please drive safely.

Street Preservation Map - PDF

Airport Improvement Projects

Airport Overlay Project is scheduled to begin on April 13th and will continue through April 19th, 2020. A month later the permanent striping will be placed, date TBD.

If you have any concerns, please contact Tammy Valadez Paz at 520-464-3166.

road construction barricade
crack seal 10