Right-of-Way / On-Site Civil Permit

Ordinance No. 7-22-1974 “It shall be unlawful for any company, corporation, firm or person to dig up or cause to be dug up or to tear up or to remove any part of the paving, sidewalk, curb or gutter across or along any street or alley in the city without first obtaining a permit therefore from the city”.  The City of Eloy adopted by resolution in August 2005 and revised in July 2008 a master fee schedule.  In addition, Subdivision and Commercial Site improvements (i.e. grading & drainage and water & sewer installation) also require a Right-Of-Way Permit/ On-Site Civil Permit issued through the Public Works Department.
The base fee is fifty dollars ($50.00) plus 4% times the Sealed Engineer’s construction cost estimate or Contractor’s signed construction proposal.  See the complete fee breakdown on the Right-Of-Way Permit/ On-Site Civil Permit Application.

Permits are being processed Monday through Thursday, from 7:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. Allow for processing time up to five (5) working days.

Applicants have the option of emailing the application to PWAdmin@EloyAZ.gov. However, please be advised that if all required information is not included your application will not be processed. 

Should you have any questions concerning this communication or items relating to specific permitting details, contact Public Works at 520-466-3082.
road construction barricade

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