Special Events

Special events are a great way to build community unity, create a unique atmosphere, and provide activities for all ages.

Special Event means any fair, parade, march, procession, festival, street dance, circus, carnival, concert, performance, rodeo, race, Christmas tree sales lot or another temporary activity using outdoor spaces and inviting public participation and patronage (with or without charge) whether held on public or private property. There are two types of Special Events: Civic Events and Commercial Activities.

Civic Event is any Special Event using or occupying public sidewalks, streets, rights of way, or other publicly owned property.

Commercial Activity is any special event using only private property.

Special events do not include events sponsored or managed by the City of Eloy, neighborhood block parties, church activities on church property, chamber mixers, regularly held meetings of civic organizations, elementary and high school-sponsored events held on school property, sidewalk sales conducted adjacent to business establishments, charity golf tournaments, or private events to which the public is not invited or allowed to participate.

Parade means any parade, march, motorcade, organized bicycle or foot race ceremony, show, exhibition, pageant, or procession of any kind or similar display which does not intend/desire to comply with normal and usual traffic regulations and control.

Please remember that the application form shall be filed with the special events coordinator, not less than thirty (30) days prior to a special event commercial activity; not less than forty-five (45) days prior to a civic event.

  • Special Event Application
    *Special events held at city property (facilities, parks) will require liability coverage. We now offer coverage through GatherGuard, please view the brochure here. Click here to apply for GatherGuard Event Insurance. 
  • You can also check with your current insurance agency on how you can add the City as an additional insured. The City requires certain coverage for your event, when using City property, please click on the following link to make sure you are following the requirements Certificate of Insurance Requirements.
  • If you wish to have the streets closed, you will need to inform the City via the Special Event Application. If a Traffic Control plan is required, you will need to email it to David Lara, Streets Supervisor at Public Works for approval prior to your event.
  • The Community Services Department no longer rents vendor spaces/booths for special events.
  • Special Events Ordinance
    See Chapter 13A Article III

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