Collection Development & Children's Services


The Eloy Santa Cruz Library welcomes customers of all ages and cultural backgrounds, and realizes that they have diverse needs, interests, value systems and reading abilities.

Children's Services

The Library’s service to children is designed to stimulate the desire for lifelong learning, to develop a love for reading, to provide opportunities for parent-child sharing and interaction, and to offer supplementary resources for school assignments.

The Library encourages parents to accompany their children to the library, and supports parent’s rights and responsibilities to guide their children’s reading and viewing of materials.

Trained staff is provided to assist parents and children to access and choose the most appropriate materials. The Library does not make a determination of what children should read, view, or borrow. The Library does not act in loco parentis, but rather provides materials, programming, and a physical environment that support parent’s and children’s search for diverse materials and ideas

Note: Not all materials will be suitable for, or of interest to, all segments of the community.