Eloy Justice Facility (Municipal Court)

The judges address the cases and render decisions that are fair to all parties, based upon the evidence. The City of Eloy Magistrate Court hears civil and criminal matters, including orders of protection. This Municipal Court has jurisdiction over violations of municipal ordinances and criminal misdemeanor offenses occurring within the city's police jurisdiction.

Mission Statement
The Municipal Court's mission is to ensure that individuals appearing before the court or seeking services from the court are treated equally, impartially, and fairly. The City Courts Department will ensure that all matters docketed in the courts are processed and scheduled for hearing in an expeditious manner.

Arizona Voice for Crime Victims
The mission of Arizona Voice for Crime Victims is to ensure that crime victims receive their rights to justice, due process, and dignified treatment throughout the criminal justice process.
Picture of the newly updated Eloy Justice Court
  1. Eloy Justice Facility (Municipal Court)

    Physical Address
    801 N. Main Street
    Eloy, AZ 85131


    Mailing Address
    801 N. Main Street
    Eloy, AZ 85131

    Phone: 520-466-3913
    Fax: 520-466-0794

  2. Portrait - City Magistrate Roger Valdez

    Roger Valdez

    City Magistrate
    Phone: 520-466-3913