Business License

Pursuant to City Code Section 12-1, all individuals conducting business within the City of Eloy limits must obtain a business license.
It is the duty of the Finance Department to maintain an accurate record of businesses registered with the city and issue business licenses to those who conduct business within the city limits of Eloy. These records are forwarded to the Arizona Department of Revenue, who assures that businesses are reporting taxes and paying sales tax revenue to the city.

Business License Fees

Business License fees vary depending on what type of business and the location of the business. For correct pricing, please view the Business License fee schedule or contact the Finance Department at 520-464-3401.

Ordinance #07-688

Effective July 1, 2007, business licenses will no longer be prorated quarterly. License fees herein may be prorated to one-half (½) the amount required if the proposed licensee will be open for business only after July 1.

Business License Forms