Economic Development

To maintain a healthy economic mix, improve downtown's real estate and sales tax base, and create jobs, downtown Eloy works to encourage and facilitate a wide range of growth initiatives.

Growth Initiatives

These growth initiatives include:
  • Promote Eloy as Arizona’s key southern transportation hub for Interstate Commerce
  • Provide detailed information on industrial sites to fit a wide variety of uses from heavy industry to warehouse, distribution and e-commerce.
  • Provide resources to large and small business looking to relocate or expand in Eloy.
  • Support and work with regional economic development programs including Pinal County, the Sun Corridor, the Arizona Commerce Authority, APS and others as they request detailed responses to prospect inquiries.
  • Support local land owners looking to improve their sites, making them “shovel ready”.
  • Actively market Eloy locally and nationally focusing on the future of transportation including electric and autonomous commercial vehicles.
  • Support education, job training and other local programs that enhance the quality of our labor force.
  • Create a one-stop center for Eloy economic development information.
  • Eloy's key employment areas are also part of the newly created Opportunity Zones and eligible for Foreign Trade Zone status adding significant value to Eloy sites! 

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