Eloy General Plan

The City of Eloy General Plan provides a long-term aspirational vision for Eloy’s development, guiding the city’s citizens, businesses, and officials. The General Plan was developed considering the City’s unique history and geography, its vision for the future, and in conformance with State Law. The General Plan will guide Eloy as it grows and changes, fostering a well-planned City. The Eloy General Plan was readopted by the City Council on May 11, 2020, through the adoption of Resolution No. 20-1472, keeping it compliant with Arizona Revised Statutes for the next ten years.

General Plan Components

Major General Plan Amendment Submissions

The effective date (September 24, 2022) for the Governor’s signing of House Bill (HB) 2482 in 2022 has changed the submittal timing of major general plan amendments in the City of Eloy. This state statute now identifies that once an amendment proposal is made (application and support materials are complete and fee paid (as confirmed by City staff)), the request must be heard at a public hearing within twelve (12) months. All future major general plan proposals will be accepted by the City at any time in the future with the intent that its City Council will provide a duly noticed hearing for public review and comment on or before the end of the twelve (12) month time period. Please note that the City’s standard amendment process still applies. City staff will prepare a specific schedule for each major general plan amendment submitted to allow for ease of tracking by City Staff and the Applicant.           

Major General Plan Amendment Process Schedule, click here.