City Manager

Our Mission

The City Manager, who is appointed by the Mayor and City Council, is responsible for implementing the goals and policies of the City Council and managing the daily operations of municipal government, which includes finance and budgeting, community and economic development, human resources, police, public works, library, airport, cemetery, and parks and recreation.

The City Manager’s office is committed to delivering municipal services and facilities to the residents and businesses of Eloy in a cost-effective and responsible manner, and providing timely information and recommendations to the City Council on various city and community issues.

Through leadership that focuses on a shared vision, teamwork and empowering employees to produce excellent results, the City Manager’s office has developed excellent working relationships with Eloy residents and businesses, community groups, and other governmental agencies. This is demonstrated by the partnerships that the City of Eloy has formed over the years that enhance the long-term interests of the community.

Responsibilities of the Department

It is the mission of the City of Eloy Administrative Services Office to implement the policies established by the City Council and the City Manager, recommend cost effective alternatives for providing city services and meeting community needs, and provide general management and oversight for the operation of all other city departments.

The office primarily deals with community affairs, the day to day operations of the city, and various grant programs. This office consists of the City Mayor, City Council, and City Manager, and is tasked to independently organize and manage the daily operations of the City of Eloy in accordance with local ordinances, laws, and policies prescribed by the elected officials and City Manager.

Additional Duties & Obligations


This office’s responsibilities and authorities include orchestrating the full spectrum of activities of the city and making on-scene decisions to keep day-to-day operations running smoothly. The duties include:

  • Acting as a focal point for strategic and tactical planning, programming, and budgeting
  • Serving as liaison between the city staff and the governing body while assisting the general public
  • Serving on various boards and committees dedicated to improving and/or resolving key community issues


Obligations include various interactions that range from local level to international. This includes, but is not limited to, interactions with:

  • City employees, elected officials, business executives, community leaders, and developers / builders
  • Citizens and homeowner associations
  • News media
  • Attorneys
  • School boards
  • Hospital officials
  • Transportation managers
  • Fire and rescue agencies
  • Various financial institutions
  1. City Manager

    Physical Address
    595 N. C Street, Suite 104
    Eloy, AZ 85131


    Fax: 520-466-3161

    Monday - Friday
    8 a.m. - 5 p.m.

  2. David Malewitz - City Manager

    David Malewitz

    City Manager

  3. Photo of Assistant City Manager, Mackenzie Letcher

    Mackenzie Letcher

    Assistant City Manager

  4. Lorena LaSalde-Rios

    Administrative Assistant